In today’s dynamic fiscal environment, it is imperative that both private and corporate clients receive sound and effective up-to-date tax compliance advice. It is without a doubt, that in today’s world we are faced with additional regulatory challenges, more stringent tax compliance rules, and encounter more coordinated efforts between tax authorities. Thus, if not guided properly, one may end up in a greater risk of tax compliance failure.

Joe Cordina and Associates offers a wide range of integrated tax services primarily designed to understand and meet your tax compliance obligations in a timely manner. Our firm delivers deep knowledge into tax which serves as the nexus to implement the most efficient tax strategy, thus minimizing your tax liability.

Personal Income Tax

The right for Maltese authorities to tax the income of a person, mainly depends on the factor that determines that person’s connection to Malta. Under the notion of domicile and residence, if a person is found to have both in Malta, Malta claims taxing rights on a worldwide basis.

Meaning, that one is liable to tax on all the income and capital gains derived from or arising in Malta and abroad.

The maximum tax rate for individuals

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