One of the main obligations, entities engaged in employment activities in Malta are statutory required to adhere to, is to maintain up to date records of their employees.

These records need to show the employees’ basic wages or salaries, overtime, allowances, bonus payments, and other ad hoc payments, together with any deductions required by law relating to income tax and social security contributions (NI). This information is to be kept from the date of engagement to the date of termination of employment.

Joe Cordina and Associates offers a cost effective and efficient means by which the aforementioned business’ payroll needs are fulfilled. This enables our clients to further concentrate on the running of their business operations, whilst leaving such confidential administrative paperwork in the hands of our certified professionals.

Employment income is taxable in terms of the Income Tax Act. The method of collection of the tax by the Malta Inland Revenue is one that takes place at source by the employer through the Final Settlement System. To this end, at Joe Cordina and Associates we also assist our clients with the reporting and filing of mandatory prescribed forms including the PE Registration Form, FS4 Form, FS5 Form, FS3 Form, and FS7 Form.

Our payroll bureau also manages and processes clients’ wages in an accurate and timely manner. Ensuring increased level of confidentiality, they also handle any queries in connection to marriage and maternity leave entitlement or any other related queries with reference to employment matters.

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